Antonio Capone

5G Italy 2019 / Antonio Capone

Antonio Capone

Professor, CNIT / Polytechnic University of Milan


Cnit Talk: Virtualization


Antonio Capone is Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milan), where he is Dean of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, director of the Advanced Network Technologies Laboratory (ANTLab), and member of the strategic agenda team POLIMI 2040. His expertise is on networking and his main research activities include radio resource management in wireless networks, traffic management in software defined networks, network planning and optimization. On these topics he has published more than 250 peer-reviewed papers.  He serves in the Technical Program Committee of major conferences in networking, he is editor of IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, and Computer Communications (Elsevier), and he was editor of ACM/IEEE Trans. on Networking and Computer Networks (Elsevier). He is a fellow of the IEEE.

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