Fabrizia Montefiori

5G Italy 2019 / Fabrizia Montefiori

Fabrizia Montefiori

CEO, Tiesse


Italian stories: industry


Born in La Spezia, she graduated in Computer Science in Pisa and joined Olivetti in 1973. Her working career developed almost entirely in the R & D area, where she acquired more and more responsibilities, until becoming responsible for the development of the large accounts offering.

Since the end of 1992, still in Olivetti, she was responsible for technical/commercial support for the finance and retail markets (large accounts) for the Asian and Pacific area, working closely with local subsidiaries in India, China, Japan and Australia.

She joined the NVD Group (New Venture Development – www.nvd.it) in 1998 and was involved in the creation of the company Tiesse S.p.A. (www.tiesse.com), of which she is Chief Executive Officer and, starting beginning 2018, Chairman. Since 1998 she has been driving the development of Tiesse, which evolves from an initial offer aimed at a niche market to a significant presence on the telecommunications market, with a catalog of products (routers and M2M) aimed at large customers for mission-critical applications She is part of the Boards of Directors and chairman of NVD and Microlys.

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