Platinum Sponsor

5G Italy / Platinum Sponsor

1. SPEECH: 10-minute individual speech from the stand located between two round tables. Possibility to project a presentation, possibly including a short corporate video teaser (max. 2’’) about 5G.

2. SHORT SPEECH: A short speech in a panel of the round tables scheduled for the 3-day agenda.

3. VIDEO SPEECH: Video shooting of the speeches and circulation after the event is concluded (social media, website, focus email).

4. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Interviews to the speakers after the event and circulation after the event is concluded (social media, website, focus email).

5. PHOTOS & CVs: Publication of the speakers’ pictures together with a short bio on the event website and catalogue (max. 1,000 characters including spaces).

6. DIGITAL CORRIDOR: 16 touch-screens, in Portrait 1980 x 1080 px format, to be used to showcase presentations, posters, pictures, audio-video or for surfing the net. The screens are positioned in the digital corridor right next to Networking and Demo Areas.

7. COMPANY LOGO: The Company Logo will be present on all communication material of the Conference (video teasers, website, catalogue, printed and video material, slides introducing new panels, etc.).

8. COMPANY DESCRIPTION: A Company description will be published on the event website and catalogue (max. 2,500 characters including spaces).

9. ADVERTISING PAGE: 1 105 x 148 mm advertising page, published on the event catalogue, handed out during the event (internal position).

10. MERCHANDISING: Company merchandising could be handed out at the registration desk and put into the shoppers of the Conference participants (gadgets, block-notes, data sheets (max. 500 items).

11. ROLL UP: 1 roll-up display, positioned in the foyer next to the Conference room.

12. TICKETS: 3 admission tickets included in the package, for clients and/or partners.

13. PASSES: Up to 2 PASSES for collaborators.

14. GALA DINNER: 2 admissions for the gala dinner.

15. DATABASE: A copy of the participants’ list will be handed in (name, surname, company, email address), for those who have given their consent to transmit their personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

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