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CyberEthics Lab.

We are an Italian SME that is founded on the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge of our team, researchers and industry professionals with a shared passion for enhancing innovation while promoting the ethical and safe adoption of technology and the use of best management practices.

We lead and support safe and responsible progress. We help our clients to transform their ideas into innovations, reducing or even removing ethical and cybersecurity risks by designing and implementing technologies that comply with the fundamental rights of individuals. In addition, we support our clients to increase their efficiency by providing concrete guidance for best management practices, winning the trust of clients. We believe in creating ethical awareness and promoting behaviour aimed at building a new development mindset that includes legal and ethical issues and concerns. We are oriented towards a holistic view of innovation, based on efficiency, scientific curiosity and respect for human beings: thus we ensure that ideas, techniques, tools and methods from different disciplines are integrated to make technology innovative, safe and responsible.

CyberEthics Lab. is partner of the 5G-SOLUTIONS project, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 856691). This project is using 5G facilities established in Italy, Norway and Greece to perform and validate 20 use cases spanning across four vertical industries (i.e. Factory of the Future, Smart Energy, Smart Cities/Ports, Media and Entertainment) in a complementary way.

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