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Fondazione Ugo Bordoni

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni is a higher education and research institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development, as laid down by Law 3/2003.

Established in 1952 within the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Fondazione Bordoni has a long tradition of research and creating applications in the telecommunications industry. The fruitful exchange between basic and applied research has enabled FUB to stay well ahead of developments in the technological landscape, combining studies in the ICT field with the design and implementation of innovative services for government bodies, as well as identifying policies for a nationwide system.

The Law 69/2009 guarantees FUB’s impartiality as a trusted third party and recognises its scientific autonomy. As such, it can provide consultation and support to Government bodies and independent authorities, drawing up and proposing strategies for the development of the communications sector.

The 2019 Statute established the “Government Authorities Committee” to ensure that participating government bodies can exercise control over FUB, pursuant to Article 5 of Legislative Decree 50/2016. As an in-house foundation acting on behalf of all the Italian Administration, FUB holds a unique position in the Italian ICT landscape.

FUB operates in the following areas of study and support to the Italian Administration:

  • Data Analysis area: it usually includes projects related to Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Big Data, but also to scenario analysis in economic, market research or user experience fields;
  • Cyber Security area: it usually includes projects concerning IT and network security;
  • TLC area – Networks and Spectrum: it usually includes projects related to the use of the radio spectrum and its optimization, to the design, implementation and management of fixed and radio telecommunication networks, including broadcasting. It also includes projects related to the hybridization of these networks with other types of networks, as in the case of Smart Grids;
  • Digital Services area: it usually includes projects regarding the support to the Italian Administration, and to other third parties, in the design, implementation and management of digital services.

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