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Founded by the entrepreneur Davide Rota in 2001, Opnet has been operating in TLC market playing a pioneer role as Linkem spa, distinguishing itself by building FWA network, which in turn laid the foundation for the making of 5G and UBB systems in Italy. Following the company spinning off its retail branch in Semptember 2022, under the leadership of Massimo Arciulo, the company has become Opnet in order to create the First Stand Alone 5G Network in Italy both for other providers and for anyone interested in this new standard.

With its new approach, Opnet endows third parties with its infrastructure, technological know-how and all other assets so as to create a real ecosystem where partners and clients can actively contribute to pick up the market’s needs and design practical solutions.

Today, Opnet is the Wholesale 5G leading provider in building and managing 5G 3GPP networks and it is able to supply FWA and optical Fiber solutions. Opnet is also a leader in the construction of Radio Connections and 5G Private Networks, exclusively dedicated to the customer with a separate mobile network.

Opnet 5G private networks stand out for a high flexibility service, able to guarantee the highest integrity, resilience and privacy compliance. They enable vertical applications for the digitalisation in different fields, such as: industrial logistics management, security checks of strategic locations (airports, harbours), and city network constructions for the local administration management of Smart City services.

The Opnet transaction to 5G is aimed to contribute to the digital transformation of the Italian Public Administration and to supply end users with a better service, so as to increase the competitiveness in the industry and local realities.

Opnet ultimately offers solutions thought for the retail of ultra-broadband connectivity services both 5G FWA and FTTH/FTTC, with service profiles developed for consumer and microbusiness markets on the entire national territory.

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