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WINDTRE is the number one mobile operator in Italy and among the leading alternative carriers in the fixed-line market. The company is part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Limited Group. 

WINDTRE’s new mobile network covers 99.7% of the population in 4G and 95.9% in 5G* with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, the company is committed to the deployment of ultra-broadband connectivity services based on optical fiber and FWA throughout the Country.

The WINDTRE brand consolidates the value positioning of the company, with a welcoming and inclusive technology at the center. WINDTRE, in fact, has always been ‘much closer’ to customers in their everyday life and aims to facilitate the connection between people and support them in facing the challenges of the present. These values are also underlined by its communication, focused on closeness and on the ‘company purpose’ of eliminating any distance.

The brand for the consumer market is joined by WINDTRE BUSINESS, to support companies and professionals in the challenge of digital transformation. WINDTRE BUSINESS, in fact, proposes innovative offers with a wide range of integrated fixed-mobile telephony solutions, ultrabroadband connectivity services, fiber and FWA, enriched by Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Cloud solutions with the latest generation Data Center and numerous partnerships with ICT Solution and Application Provider industry leaders.

With the launch of the brand “WINDTRE LUCE&GAS”, moreover, the company has also entered the energy market, proposing itself as a single reference point for a simple, transparent and fairly priced organization of all the utilities in the home.

The corporate website is the channel that tells the identity of WINDTRE and its commitment to a more sustainable future through new digital technologies.

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