Angela Molinari
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Angela Molinari

Senior Account Technical Leader, IBM Italia


I have been in IBM Italia since 2001 and during this work experience I have had the opportunity to cover various roles. My first experience at IBM was in the development laboratory in Rome, where for the first 6 years of my professional career, I covered roles related to the quality assurance and testing of software products, with particular attention to the development of process-related methodologies of Integration Testing and Customer Interaction Design. 

Subsequently, I assumed the role of Service Management Solution Architect in the technical presales organization, having the opportunity to consolidate specific technical skills in the field of defining architectural solutions suited to customer needs in a period of effervescent technological innovation which saw the introduction of the DevSecOps development principles related to the evolution of containerized architectures.

Through a diverse range of clients, I have been able to acquire eclectic knowledge in different contexts, from public administration to utilities and obviously telcos.

For a couple of years, I have held the role of Account Technical Leader. 

In this position, I have the responsibility of identifying new opportunities and innovative cross-industry scenarios that allow the various players to effectively use Artificial Intelligence conveyed and supported by 5G application scenarios.