Antonio Stefani

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Antonio Stefani

Public Market Manager, Vree Health Italia


In Vree Health Italy from February 2016 Stefani deals with planning and carrying out analyses, studies and economic evaluations to support the different projects put in place by Vree Health and referring to the management of the new care pathways for chronic diseases.

Antonio has had a long experience in the CReG project of Lombardy Region (since 2010) and currently he is the Project Manager of the Presa in Carico project for providers followed by Vree Health.

Bioengineer, Antonio began his career in 1999 at the San Raffaele Hospital, the major private hospital in Milan.

Then, in 2001, he was occupied in Telbios SpA, spin off of San Raffaele Hospital, one of first Italian company for telemedicine projects, at the beginning as Hardware Engineer to support the creation of the satellite network for telemedicine to support Peace Keeping missions of the Italian army, then as Project Manager in the direction Delivery and Service Centre Management and finally Chief of the Operations.


eHealth: between Technologies and Lifestyles

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