Gianni Vernazza

5G Italy / Gianni Vernazza

Gianni Vernazza

Professor, President, CNIT


Work Experince

  • President of CNIT – National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications (2017- presente);
  • Director of CNIT- National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications (2011- 2016);
  • Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Genoa (2002-2008);
  • Director of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering Department- DIBE University of Genoa (1998-2002);
  • Member of Scienlific Committee Ansaldo Foundation (2009- 2011);
  • Member of Board of Directors  IIC ( Istituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni) (2009-2015);
  • President of Scientific Committee CRS4 (Centro di Ricerca Studi Sardegna) (1996-2000);

Additional Information

A) Activities at U.E. :

  • Project Evaluator EU FP7-security project (2007-2009);
  • Evaluator for the ACTS project (10-17 March 1996);
  • Project reviewer for MAST 1994;
  • Evaluator for BRITE project (1991-1993);
  • Evaluator for ESPRIT BRA project (1991-1993);
  • Project reviewer for ESPRIT-TOPMUSS (1989-1993);
  • Evaluator for ESPRIT project (1988-1991)
  • European Union Projects:

B) Activities at National level:

Supervisor for  National Research Committee (CNR):

  • 1973-74: Head of project ASGEN for ITALSIDER plant TARANTO (gas remote process control – SCADA) and ITALSIDER Genoa (SCADA for power plant) (1979-80);
  • 1980-94: Cooperation with ANSALDO Esacontrol and design of numerous systems for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) application (water, gas, power plants), particularly for data transmission, and SCADA aspects of telecommunications and network (Ex: Aurunci , Sinni, ESAF, AEM Torino, Enel, Jamaica, Qatar, etc).;
  • Member of research group on signal processing image ‘s (Genoa University) 1974-1983;
  • 1994-98: Co-operation in different international projects (EU) with several companies: IBM, BULL, 3M, Telecom Italy, Marconi, Elsag-Bailey, INFORSUD, Ansaldo, ENEL, Esacontrol, European Space Agency, etc..
  • 1984-86: Design specification for SCADA & Telecommunications projects for China (ANSALDO-General Electric) (SHANG-AN/NANTONG) (power plant);
  • 1995-96: Design for SCADA SEDAPAL (LIMA PERU ‘) (water distribution plant);


The Role of Research: Investments and Growth

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