Maxim Zhadobov

5G Italy 2018 / Maxim Zhadobov

Maxim Zhadobov

CNRS, Université de Rennes, France


Maxim Zhadobov is the principal investigator in biomedical electromagnetics at Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR), French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France, and head of Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Media (WAVES) Team of IETR. His main research activities and expertise are in the field of innovative biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields and associated technologies. With his PhD students, he was at the origin of several pioneering innovations in biomedical electromagnetics and body-centric wireless technologies including the first millimeter-wave tissue-equivalent phantoms, pioneering reflectivity based surface phantom concept, novel broadband multi-physics characterization technique for Debye-type materials, innovative millimeter-wave textile antennas for smart clothing, ultra-robust miniature implantable UHF antennas, first millimeter-wave reverberation chamber and multi-physics tools for EMC testing. He co-authored 5 book chapters and more than 60 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. He was the co-recipient of CST University Publication Award 2011. His review article in Int. J. Microwave Wireless Techn. was the most cited paper in 2016-2018. He was actively involved in 17 research projects (8 as PI). Dr. Zhadobov was a session organizer and/or technical committee member at several international conferences, including BioEM 2019, MobiHealth (since 2015), IEEE iWEM 2017, BodyNets 2016, and IMWS-Bio 2014. He is a senior member IEEE and elected member of European Bioelectromagnetic Association (EBEA) Council. Dr. Zhadobov has served on review boards of more than 15 international journals and conferences and has been acting as an expert at research councils worldwide. His teaching activities include lecturing at European School of Antennas (ESoA), Uppsala University (SE), University of Rennes 1, and INSA (FR). Dr. Zhadobov received CNRS Medal in 2018, EBEA Award for Excellence in Bioelectromagnetics in 2015, and Brittany’s Young Scientist Award in 2010.

Tutorial: Antenna/Human Body Interactions from Microwaves to Millimeter Waves: State of Knowledge and Recent Advances

Abstract: This tutorial will provide an overview on basic aspects related to interactions of electromagnetic waves with the human body. In particular, it will deal with electromagnetic properties of biological tissues, frequency-dependent mechanism of interaction between electromagnetic waves and biological tissues, as well as numerical and experimental electromagnetic dosimetry and exposure assessment.

Keynote: Assessment of User Exposure to Millimeter Waves in 5G Exposure Scenarios

Abstract: Exploiting the millimeter-wave (mmW) spectrum is an attractive solution to enable the expected traffic growth for the next decade due to deployment of mmW small cells. This will allow for larger channel bandwidth, higher data rates, high level of security in short range communications, and low interference with adjacent cells. mmW are also considered as very promising for other body-centric applications including wireless sensors networks and wireless body area networks. The corresponding new usages and services will involve near-field interaction of radiating devices with the human body, both in terms of the body impact on wireless device performance as well as in terms of user exposure. This presentation will provide an overview of main features and recent advances in the field of antenna / human body interactions in the 60 GHz band.


December 4 - PhD School

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