Luigi De Vecchis

5G Italy 2019 / Luigi De Vecchis

Luigi De Vecchis

President, Huawei Italy


Intervention: The 5G enabling factor of digital transformation between growth and security


Luigi De Vecchis is the President of Huawei Italy. He is responsible for representing the company at the highest institutional levels, increasing relations with the business community and bringing Huawei’s contribution to the trade associations. He owns a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and has always carried out activities of technological innovation, in the areas of telecommunications and energy production plants from fourth generation nuclear reactors.

Before joining Huawei, De Vecchis was General Manager at Telesoft, an IT company owned by Telecom Italia, where he was responsible for the international development of the former Stet Group. Then he was appointed President and CEO of Siemens Italy and managed a group of 7,000 people for ten years, two manufacturing facilities based in Italy for the global production of RAN and radio links, and an R&D center. After the merger of Nokia and Siemens, he became President and CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks.

Born and raised with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, De Vecchis founded the company Merivus Srl and participated in the worldwide program Generation Four International Forum (GIF) for the research and development of fourth generation reactors. He was Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture with a focus on sustainable energy and member of the inter-ministerial working group to evaluate the extension of the incentives for energy generated from renewable sources. For more than ten years De Vecchis has been Honorary Scientific Director and voluntary at Occam, a non-profit organization founded by UNESCO, where he was responsible for innovation in the fields of energy, waste disposal, and medicine with the aim of finding a sustainable way to extend health care to the most disadvantaged populations.

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