Agostino Monorchio

5G Italy 2019 / Agostino Monorchio

Agostino Monorchio

Professor, CNIT / University of Pisa


Italian stories (R&D CNIT)


Agostino Monorchio is Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the University of Pisa and IEEE Fellow. He has carried out a considerable research activity and technical consultancy to national, EU and U.S. industries, coordinating, as principal scientific investigator, a large number of national and European research projects.

Prof. Monorchio is active in a number of areas including computational electromagnetics, microwave metamaterials, radio propagation for wireless systems, the design and miniaturization of antennas and electromagnetic compatibility, biomedical microwaves applications.

The activity is mainly carried out at the Microwave and Radiation Laboratory ( of the Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa. He is a member of RaSS National Laboratory of CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) and in 2010 he affiliated with the Pisa Section of INFN, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. He is a member of Italian Society of Electromagnetism (SIEM).

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