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The 5G Italy Book 2019: a Multiperspective View of 5G

In the framework of the second edition of the 5G Italy event, CNIT is editing a new version of the 5G Italy Book, with the aim of overviewing the status of development of 5G and of documenting the Italian involvement in 5G research and experimentation. The book starts with Part 1, edited by Raffaele Bolla of Università di Genova, and devoted to an overview of what is 5G today. Part 1 touches on very relevant topics, such as the state of standardization and of deployment in the world, the most relevant use cases (from automotive and smart factories to health and IoT, the concerns about electromagnetic emissions, and privacy). Part 2, edited by Paola Iovanna of Ericsson, focuses on 5G in Italy, taking mostly an industrial viewpoint, and reporting on the status of deployment and on Italian research contributions. Part 3, edited by Luca Valcarenghi of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, looks at 5G applications and services, considering the main service classes defined for 5G. Part 4, edited by Giovanni Schembra of Università di Catania, provides an up to date primer on 5G technologies, and contains mostly a revised, updated version of similar chapters contained in last year’s volume. Finally, Part 5, edited by Carla Fabiana Chiasserini of the Politecnico di Torino, looks at what is coming beyond 5G: from aspects on which the 5G standardization still is far from stable, to proposals that are beginning to appear for 6G.

Importantly, this book will have a first version, printed, and presented at the 5G Italy 2019 event, but then it will continue to live and grow on the web, updated with contributions coming from the conference.


Table of Contents

Preface (The Book Editors: Marco Ajmone Marsan, Nicola Blefari Melazzi, Stefano Buzzi, Sergio Palazzo)
Part I - 5G Today (Section Editors: Raffaele Bolla, Giovanni Schembra)
1 - The 5G Standardization Process (Maria Pia Galante, Giovanni Romano)
2 - 5G Deployment in Europe (Miquel Payaro, Valerio Frascolla, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Panagiotis Demestichas, Carole Manero, Frederic Pujol)
3 - 5G Use Cases (out of Europe) (Luca Piccinelli, Andrea Detti)
4 - 5G Technology: Which Risks From the Health Perspective? (Luca Chiaraviglio, Marco Fiore and Edouard Rossi)
5 - Sustainability, a Key Issue of 5G Network Ecosystem (Giuseppe Bianchi, Claudio Bianco, Mauro Boldi, Ra aele Bolla, Olivier Le Grand, Michela Meo, Joel Penhoat, Daniela Renga)
6 - 5G Security and Privacy (Giuseppe Bianchi)
7- GDPR and Privacy in 5G and Beyond Which future strategy and policies for the EU? (Enrico Del Re)
Part II - 5G in Italy (Section Editor: Paola Iovanna)
8 - Ericsson R&D Italy in 5G (Alessandro Pane)
9 - Italy's Role in European 5G Projects (Claudio Casetti)
10 - Trial and Proof-of-Concepts for Industry and Logistic (Giulio Bottari, Marzio Puleri, Luca Stroppolo, Teresa Pepe)
11 - Trial and Proof-of-Concepts in Metropolitan Areas (Andrea Abrardo)
12 - Towards 5G and Sustainability (Rossella Cardone, Paolo Pagano)
Part III - 5G Applications and Services (Section Editor: Luca Valcarenghi)
13 - 5G Applications and Services (Luca Valcarenghi)
14 - MEC-based Applications Supporting eMBB for Connected Vehicles (Koteswararao Kondepu, Francesco Giannone, Francesco Paolucci, Silvia Fichera, Pantelis Frangoudis, Adlen Ksentini)
15 - Structural Health Monitoring and Earthquake Early Warning over 5G Networks (Fabio Graziosi, Dajana Cassioli, Andrea Marotta, Fabio Franchi)
Part IV - A 5G Primer (Section Editor: Giovanni Schembra)
16 - Functional Architecture (Andrea Detti)
17 - 3GPP NR: the Standard for 5G Cellular Networks (Michele Polese, Marco Giordani, Michele Zorzi)
18 - Communications at Millimeter Waves (Stefano Tomasin)
19 - Code-Domain NOMA in 5G Communications and Beyond (Mai T. P. Le, Giuseppe Caso, Luca De Nardis, Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto)
20 - Photonics for 5G Communications (Marco Romagnoli, Vito Sorianello, Massimo Artiglia)
21 - Softwarization and Virtualization (Antonio Capone, Giacomo Verticale)
22 - Reliable Slicing in 5G Networks (Piero Castoldi, Molka Gharbaoui, Alessio Giorgetti, Koteswararao Kondepu, Barbara Martini, Luca Valcarenghi)
23 - The Role of Cloud and Mobile Edge Cloud in 5G (Fabrizio Granelli, Riccardo Bassoli)
24 - 5G Management and Orchestration - From Cloud-Native to 5G-Ready Applications (Roberto Bruschi, Franco Davoli, Jane Frances Pajo)
25 - Internet of Things: The 5G Ecosystem (Silvia Mignardi, Roberto Verdone)
26 - Localization in 5G and Beyond (Stefania Bartoletti, Andrea Conti, Davide Dardari, Andrea Giorgetti)
27 - 5G for V2X Communications (Antonella Molinaro, Claudia Campolo)
28 - Rapid Deployment of 5G Services Using Drones and other Manned and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Riccardo Bassoli, Fabrizio Granelli)
29 - 5G Systems for Public Protection and Disaster Management (Martin Klapez, Carlo Augusto Grazia, Maurizio Casoni)
30 - Machine Learning for 5G Mobile Networks: a Pragmatic Essay on Where, How and Why (Paolo Dini, Michele Rossi)
31 - The Role of Propagation Software Tools for Planning 5G Wireless Networks (Gerardo Di Martino, Antonio Iodice, Daniele Riccio, Giuseppe Ruello)
Part V - The Way Forward (Section Editor: Carla Fabiana Chiasserini)
32 - Open Issues and Beyond 5G (Marco Chiani, Enrico Paolini, Franco Callegati)
33 - Opportunistic Sensing in Beyond-5G Networks: the Opportunities of Transformative Computing (Vittorio Rampa, Stefano Savazzi, Francesco Malandrino)
34 - Dynamic Mobile Base Stations in 5G Networks - The Moving Network Paradigm (Falko Dressler, Florian Klingler, Gianluca Rizzo)
35 - Towards 6G: Orchestrating Communication, Computing and Caching at the Edge (Marica Amadeo, Claudia Campolo, Antonella Molinaro, Giuseppe Ruggeri)
36 - Efficient Distributed Learning in 5G Fog Computing Environments (Lorenzo Valerio, Andrea Passarella, Marco Conti)
37 - Beyond 5G: the Quantum Internet (Angela Sara Cacciapuoti, Marcello Caleffi)
38 - Service Optimization and Control in 5G• (Jaime Llorca, Antonia M. Tulino, Vincenzo Ditaranto)

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