Video Interviews

  • D. Alì (Fincantieri): “We invest in cyber security with talents and universities”
  • P. Baile (Accenture): “Telcos as orchestrators of connected industries”
  • M. Basile (Ericsson): “Accelerating investments on 5G”
  • F. Bassanini (OpenFiber): “Yes with a single network if neutral or two way co-investments”
  • R. Basso (WINDTRE): “Europe lacks an industrial policy of Telco”
  • N. Blefari Melazzi (CNIT): “Positive balance, we are central universities and we are studying 6G”
  • F. Brasca (WINDTRE): “With 5G we are experimenting with safe autonomous driving”
  • G. Ferigo (INWIT): “In the NRRP also funds for indoor 5G antennas. Here are the advantages for the cities”
  • G. Gallucci (WINDTRE): “We guarantee the highest level of security for 5G services”
  • M. Garri (TERNA): “We want to be directors of the ecological transition”
  • R. Gualtieri: “Collaboration with the University for Rome, digital capital, is also necessary”
  • L. Lucrezia (Tiesse): “We develop routers for 5G and ultra-broadband”
  • R. Mascolo (Ericsson): “5G ready for the digital transformation of companies”
  • S. Mele: “In the national cloud also strategic SMEs for the country”
  • A. Morelli: “The Conference explaining all the advantages of 5G”
  • G. Mulè (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense): “5G and security hand in hand”
  • D. Puntillo (Chief Innovation Officer, ZTE Italia): “We are working on standalone 5G services”
  • D. Riccio (CNIT): “Applied research on 5G and studies on 6G”
  • D. Righi (Linkem): “Our VR BUS is the first application in the world to relive Ancient Rome”
  • V. Romano (Accenture): “More value for companies with the cloud”
  • A. Urso (President of Copasir): “Homeland Security with Golden Power and ACN”
  • G. Vernazza (CNIT): “The pervasive 5G in every sector, to reap its advantages”

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