Gold Partner

Hightel Towers

HIGHTEL TOWERS is a Tower Company and Electronic Communications Operator since 2011;
Registered in the Register of Communication Operators (ROC n.24948) at the Authority for Communications Guarantees.

Our core business develops along two different business lines:

  1. design and construction of telecommunication towers;
  2. providing services to mobile operators.

We offer our clients Housing and Towering services of TLC facilities, consulting, engineering, design, construction and network infrastructure management services.
We deal with lease contracts (Contract Management), and industrial and real estate management (Real Estate Management).

At HIGHTEL TOWERS we believe in the importance of wireless communication as the enabler of cultural and economic development of individuals and communities. Our Mission is to lead the sustainable development of these technologies by providing the foundations so that wireless communication may be available for anyone, with the smallest environmental impact and the best performances possible.