5G&Co. - 6th edition

Everything is connected

5G&Co. reaches its 6th edition. The international conference promoted and organised by the Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications – CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) is once again the most significant event in Italy about 5G and its several application areas.

The sixth edition of 5G&Co. – Everything is connected will deal with new services and applications, and the verticals needed to create the new ecosystem based on the new standalone infrastructure. Leaving its growth phase, 5G is heading to its technological maturity phase, with increasingly widespread deployment to the benefit especially of businesses.

What are the main advantages of 5G for the business world? What are the main obstacles to the full deployment of the new mobile standard? What new technologies are coming with 5G? Where do we stand with new electromagnetic limits? What is the European strategy for an efficient and harmonised development of the radio spectrum?

From cloud to edge computing, via network slicing and softwarization, 5G also drives the development of Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse. New technological mega-trends include Private Networks, Open RAN, the growing deployment of indoor and outdoor DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), and cybersecurity-proof major industrial applications.


5G&Co. will count on the valuable participation of distinguished institutional representatives (i.e., from Government, Parliament, and Public Entities), as well as C-suite from top-rated Italian and foreign companies.

Educational goals

The Conference has two educational objectives for its participants. The first one is about technical/dissemination insights, with speeches by qualified professors from the Consortium and international experts, on the issues and prospects of the transition to 6G. The second, instead, has a more economic, social and regulatory slant, and focuses on the aspects of this transition with the participation, within the panels, of prominent political figures, together with the CEOs and Executives from the most important industrial companies in the Telecommunications sector.


The location chosen to host the Conference is “Serra del Palazzo delle Esposizioni”, Via Milano 9/a, Rome. This is a limited number event. More than 300 selected guests are expected on each day.

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CNIT – National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications