Gold Partner


Tiesse SPA is a 100% Italian company with over 25 years of experience in the design, production, and support of Ultra Broadband and cellular and industrial Routers, Switches, Gateways, IoT/M2M devices, automation and monitoring system.

Tiesse key strengths are:

  1. Innovation made in Italy, to provide intelligent and secure connectivity to businesses organizations. Made in Italy has a value of reliability, quality and safety.
  2. Passion for the Technology, with high attention to people and to talent. The passion for technology is in the company DNA and is perceived in the customer engagement, planning and management.
  3. Customer care in the different phases of the product life cycle, resulting in the total resolution of problems and full customer satisfaction.

Tiesse’s goals achieved:

  • Leading position for connectivity solutions in the regulated Italian gaming market of bets
  • Leader for supplies of LTE routers, at volumes, and fully certified by operators
  • Strong position in Ultra Broadband routers either in volume and on a project basis
  • Strong position for supplies in distributed networks such as banks, petrol stations, insurance, municipalities and public bodies, dealers, large-scale distribution, retailers and franchising
  • Leader in providing volume of telemonitoring equipment for either the primary and the secondary cabins of energy distribution and for Smart Grid scenarios, across Italy, Europe and South America.

Tiesse has innovation in technology in

  • Digitalization with 5G radio connections
  • Virtual routers
  • Overlay networks
  • Edge routing solution and IoT applications
  • Embedded systems

The headquarter is located in Ivrea (Turin) with commercial offices and R&D centers in Rome, Avezzano (AQ) and Turin.