Platinum Partner


ZTE Corporation, founded in Shenzhen (China) in 1985, is one of the world’s top leading telecommunications companies and offers its solutions to more than 500 Operators in over 160 countries. 

Fully listed on the Shenzhen (SZ) and Hong Kong (HK) stock exchanges, ZTE boasts innovative solutions tailored to specific needs, develops mobile devices and business enterprise solutions, and is at the forefront of 4G and 5G. ZTE has invested more than 14% of its annual turnover in R&D activities, and is one of the first international companies actively participating in the definition of new telecommunications standards. Present in Italy since 2005, it changed its name from ZTE Italy to ZTE Italia in 2017, precisely to underline the strategic role that our country was beginning to assume. With 4 main offices in Rome, Milan, Pozzuoli and Marghera, the company is present in 5 other cities throughout the country.

In recent years, ZTE Italia has entered into important agreements and strategic partnerships in the fields of network infrastructure and mobile devices. For example in 2016 with Win Tre S.p.A. for the realisation of the single Wind/Tre network – ‘The Golden Network’. With Telecom Italia, (partnership renewed also in 2020) through the TIM-HUB+ (Access Gateway/Modem) project, for the realisation of an Access Gateway/CPE modem product that enables fixed copper (xDSL/FTTC) and fibre optic (FTTH) connections for both TIM’s Consumer and Business users with the Linux Container operating system, the brand new Wi-Fi 6 standard. With Linkem, for the supply of the LTE radio access part and microwave links for their FWA network. And again in 2017, with Open Fiber for the implementation of the nationwide ultra-wideband network. ZTE, together with the same Open Fiber and WindTre, also carried out the 5G trial, called for by the MISE, in the cities of Prato and L’Aquila. Precisely as evidence of the company’s commitment and its desire to contribute to increasing the technological value of the country, in February 2018, the ZIRC – ZTE Innovation & Research Center – was established in L’Aquila, and in May 2019, it also inaugurated in Rome the first Cyber Security Lab at European level, with which it is committed to providing customers, end-to-end security products and services, integrating analysis and controls in every aspect of the product life cycle. Furthermore, thanks to the agreement reached with CNIT (Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications), ZTE’s CyberLab enables all operators and institutions to defend themselves against cyber security threats.  ZTE Italia Group also became in 2020, one of the few vendors to obtain the Uni Iso 37001, Anti Bribery Management System Certification and in the same year, ZTE Corporation received from the BSI, the British Standards Institution, the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Certification, which recognises the Company’s data protection compliance system, and guarantees that its 5G services are in strict compliance with international information security standards.