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Gian Luca Maccà

Head of ICT Security and Fraud Management, Vodafone Italia


Gian Luca Maccà, as Head of ICT Security and Fraud Management, leads the strategy and management of Vodafone Italia’s security plans, aimed at protecting the company’s technological assets and customers data, and oversees relationships with institutions regarding cyber security issues. Graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padova, in 1999, he began his professional journey in the field of public security as an Carabinieri Officer.

In 2003, he transferred his skills to the private sector, joining Vodafone Italia, where he held various roles of increasing responsibility in both corporate security and commercial operations, eventually assuming responsibility for Vodafone Italia’s Security Operation Center. His professional path has allowed him to specialize in critical topics such as cyber security and data protection, with particular attention to national critical infrastructures, positioning him as a recognized expert in the field.

Actively involved in industry associations and academic institutions, he recently collaborated in establishing the “Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation” chair at LUISS, sponsored by Vodafone Italia, demonstrating his commitment to promoting innovation and digital security.