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Luca Piccinelli

Chief Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei Italia


In the role of Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Officer of Huawei Italia, Piccinelli is responsible for the development of policies and strategies for the mitigation of security risks related to corporate operations, oversees communication with representatives of institutions and the world of IT security, operators of telecommunications and the players in the B2B ICT sector. After a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master’s degree from the Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences in Florence, he began his professional career in the Air Force in 1999 and then worked on missile systems at Leonardo. From 2001, he follows the launch of the first 3G mobile communication systems at British Telecom. In 2003 he joined TIM where he contributed to the launch of 4G technology and held the role of company delegate at 3GPP. In Huawei since 2013, he made his debut as Marketing Manager in the 4G Core Network and Multimedia Broadcast systems, before becoming Head of Innovation, Marketing and Strategic Business Development in the IoT and 5G fields.