PhD School

5G International PhD School 2023 is the fifth edition of the international doctorate school that CNIT has conceived as a prestigious event, with a high scientific connotation, aggregated at the 5G Italia conference.

5G International PhD School aspires to be an event in which all of us, researchers potentially interested in 5G technology, can jointly structure our training: to be able to grasp the innumerable research opportunities that the 5G, and its desired applications, can offer us.


During 5G International PhD School you will participate exclusively in 3 days of tutorial lessons offered by professors of international character on the research topics at the 5G hinge:

  • Architecture,
  • Applications to automation,
  • Applications to Big Data,
  • Applications to bioengineering,
  • Field Trials,
  • Fund Raising,
  • MAC Layer,
  • Physical Layer,
  • Privacy and GDPR issues,
  • Quality expectations,
  • Simulations,
  • Sustainability. 


Colleagues protagonists of teaching and research on 5G and its applications will be invited to teach at the School.


Enrolling to 5G International PhD School you will be, at any time and no costs, allowed participating to the companion 5G Italy conference taking place in parallel.

Participation in 5G International PhD School will be certified with earned ECTS credits.


Daniele Riccio (Head of the PhD School)

Gianluca Massei (Technical/Organiz. Management)

Nicola Blefari Melazzi (CNIT President)

To suggest a research topic and/or the name of a teacher (preferably of European origin) it is possible to write an email to Daniele Riccio.

PhD School – April 16


16 April 202411:15Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Daniele Riccio
Daniele Riccio

Optics in future 6G Radio systems and networks – Ericsson

16 April 202411:30Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Piero Castodi
Roberto Sabella

What about QoS in 5G network? Are QoS measurement still useful? – FUB

16 April 202414:00Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Elena Mammi

5G Private Network and Beyond – Athonet

16 April 202416:00Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Daniele Munaretto
PhD School – April 17

Topic 4 – Company

17 April 202409:00Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Topic 5 – Company

17 April 202411:30Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Topic 6 – Company

17 April 202414:00Auditorium Palazzo delle Esposizioni