Maurizio Marcelli

ICT Risk Management, Net. Operation & Wholesale, Tim Group


Manager in TIM, with the company since 1994, has worked in the Security Department since 2019, currently responsible for the ICT Risk Management function of Network Operation & Wholesale.

Over the years, he has held many responsibilities within the TIM group, initially dealing with the development of TIM mobile radio network services, following the entire evolution of technologies starting from the introduction of the GSM network, then moving on to the launch of data services 3G and 4G. He held responsibilities in the Mobile Marketing Department following the portfolio of TIM services and products, subsequently contributing to the Business Innovation direction with the launch of live and on demand multimedia services on fixed and mobile broadband.

Further experience in the TIM group, before the move to the Security sector, is represented by the responsibility held in the Strategy management area, during which he focused on service innovation scenarios for the consumer market.

Before joining the TIM group, he also had professional experience in Ericsson in the R&D division, dealing with ASIC design for telephone exchanges.

Maurizio Marcelli graduated in Electronic Engineering from the La Sapienza University of Rome, graduated in Economics and Management from the UNINETTUNO telematic University, and completed his training in Enterprise Risk Management at the Luiss Business School.