Video Interviews

  • Raffaele Barberio (Supercom): “Taking stock of the Conference and the reasons for a success built on people

  • Francesco Barletta (WINDTRE): “5G enables innovative services to improve citizens work and life

  • Roberto Basso (WINDTRE): “5G development? Not just Recovery Fund but also reforms at no cost

  • Franco Bassanini (Open Fiber): “Access to 5G and FTTH fiber, a new universal right for the citizens

  • Franco Bernabè (Cellnex): “5G is a unique opportunity for Europe that must be seized

  • Giuseppe Bianchi (Università): “5G improves network security

  • Nicola Blefari Melazzi (CNIT): “Involving the Universities for the Recovery Plan

  • Enza Bruno Bossio (Comm. Tlc): “5G? Tax credit for edge and cloud computing

  • Luca D’Antonio (JMA Wireless): “Our role in the Open Ran

  • Francesco De Leo: “To create value with 5G is necessary a convergence of energy, telco and automotive

  • Alessio De Sio (ZTE): “With 5G secure, reliable, transparent and performing networks

  • Luigi De Vecchis (Huawei): “5G enables the digital transformation of the country

  • Eugenio Fedeli (RFI): “5G improves the quality of mobility maintenance

  • Massimiliano Garri (Terna): “900 million for digital transformation

  • Alessandro La Volpe (IBM): “With 5G and edge computing great business opportunities for companies

  • Donato A. Limone: “Here’s how the PA can be digital, efficient and simple

  • Massimo Luciani (Comarch): “The role of Artificial Intelligence in cutting-edge Tlc

  • Massimo Mazzocchini (HUAWEI): “From smart healthcare to smart cities, Huawei’s vision and solutions

  • Ombretta Miraglio (Tiesse): “2020 and 2021 trends for the Italian networking vendor

  • Luca Monti (WINDTRE): “Pandemic and city of the future

  • Claudia Pollio (Linkem): “Recovery Plan? 3 principles for investing funds on digital

  • Alessandra Todde (MiSe): “Smart cities for 5G services

  • Serafino Sorrenti (Task force Covid-19): “Interoperable platforms for digital health

  • Giosuè Vitaglione (Fortinet): “A digital platform to be secured

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