Francesco Barletta

Head of Innovation & ICT, Wind Tre

Francesco Barletta

Head of Innovation & ICT, Wind Tre


Francesco Barletta is Head of ICT & Innovation at WINDTRE. Within the B2B Marketing area, he develops the offer relating to innovative ICT solutions and digital touchpoints and services for the SME, Large and TOP segments. He is also responsible for enabling partnerships with market leading companies and startups to complete the portfolio of WINDTRE BUSINESS brand.

Barletta joined Wind in the start-up phase, covering various roles in Marketing and Sales. In the Consumer Sales area, he gave a significant boost in redesigning the distribution network with the introduction of multi-channel tools and methods, launching the Digital Transformation process.

Francesco has got a degree in Information Science, with a Master’s degree in Media & Telco from Milan Polytechnic University.

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Conference – 2 December – Afternoon

02 Dec 2020
14:30 - 18:00

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