5G Italy 2018 / Presentations

Welcome greetings and introduction to the event

Nicola Blefari Melazzi, Director CNIT, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Keynotes: Innovation, Market and the Italian Countrywide System

Giancarlo Capitani, President, NetConsulting cube

The interview

Maurizio Dècina, President, Infratel Italia

The Role of Research: Investments and Growth

Gianni Vernazza, President CNIT, University of Genoa

Focus Talk

Enrico Salvatori, President, Qualcomm Europe

Energy: from Smart City to Smart Grid

Michela Meo, Professor, CNIT / Polytechnic University of Turin

Industry 4.0: Investments and Future Jobs

Raffaele Bolla, Professor, CNIT / University of di Genoa

Gino Carrozzo, Deputy Head of Research & Development, Nextworks

Media and Tourism

Francesco De Natale, Professor, CNIT / University of Trento

Public Administration

Giuseppe Bianchi, Professor, CNIT, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Special “Fiber for 5G”, in partnership with the FTTH Council

Colin Bryce, Director Technical Sales, Mobility Solutions, Commscope

Focus Talk

Jia Yunpeng, CEO, ZIRC (ZTE Innovation and Research Center) / CMO, ZTE

Security and 5G

Agostino Monorchio, Professor, CNIT / University of Pisa

Sara Turco, Triennial Neolaureate: “An example of attack on 5G networks

Special “5G for Europe”, in collaboration with 5GPPP

Raffaele De Peppe, Member of the Board, 5G I.A.

Peter Stuckmann, Head Of Unit – Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission

The 5G-EVE Project: Maurizio Cecchi, Standard, Technology Communication & IPR, TIM

eHealth: between Technologies and Lifestyles

Gaetano Marrocco, Professor, CNIT / University of Rome Tor Vergata

Transports, Mobility and Automotive

Luisa Andreone, Coordinator of the Working Group “Veicoli Connessi & Veicoli Autonomi”, National Technology Cluster “Trasporti Italia 2020”, FCA Group

Stefano Buzzi, Professor, CNIT / University of Cassino

Infrastructure Protection

Donato A. Limone, Director of the National School of Digital Administration (SNAD), Unitelma Sapienza

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO, Tiesse S.p.A.

Roberto Verdone, Professor, CNIT / University of Bologna

5G Trials in Italy

Andrea Abrardo, Professor, CNIT / University of Siena

5G Trials in Italy – Rome
Piera Di Vito, Technical Officer, European Space Agency

5G Trials in Italy – Bari-Matera (MiSE)
Alessandro Masciarelli, Resp. Scouting & Partnership, TIM
Andrea Passarella, Professor, CNR

5G Trials in Italy – Genoa/Livorno
Paolo Pagano, Director CNIT / ADSP Livorno Joint Laboratory


CNIT Talk: The New Radio
Michele Zorzi, Professor, CNIT / University of Padua

CNIT Talk: Antennas and Sensors for 5G
Giuseppe Mazzarella, Professor, CNIT / University of Cagliari

CNIT Talk: The Software Network
Giuseppe Bianchi, Professor, CNIT / University of Rome Tor Vergata

CNIT Talk: Photonics for 5G
Antonella Bogoni, Head of Research Area, CNIT / Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

CNIT Talk: Beyond 5G
Marco Chiani, Professor, CNIT / University of Bologna

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